more about working with intuition and how to do remote viewing Intuition is "the immediate knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning; instantaneous apprehension; something known or learned in this way; a looking on; a sight or view; hence a regard to; an aim. Syn: instinct, apprehension, recognition, insight. " (Webster's)

Intuition is also the thing that keeps you from walking down that dark alley hiding a few thugs or getting on an airplane doomed to crash... in other words "it keeps you alive." As humans we don't have fur, natural armor, superior speed or horns and claws to protect us. So how have we managed to survive and thrive against some pretty challenging odds? Taking a guess, could it be what some call our "sixth sense" or intuition? Over time physical tools have been developed that have compensated for many of our vulnerabilites. For many survival isn't dependant on that "inner voice" instead it has been regulated to the back burner, mainly ignored only to arise during times of dire need. So like any other part of ourselves that isn't used, it becomes weak and easily overshadowed by the stresses and noise of everyday life. Yet, it is always there whispering just waiting for a little encouragement to speak out.

"rediscovering" your intuition or PSI abilities is quite simple. All it takes is commitment, focus and most of all practice. Using the following techniques you can easily develop your PSI abilities:

A.) The first technique is rather an informal version of "remote viewing" something that you can do as you go about your everyday life. Such as while driving to a meeting with a new client you could set an intention to see in your mind's eye what they will be wearing, what they might look like or even just the color or something significant in the room. Another simple way to practice is to guess who is calling you before you pick it up. These are some of the simple ways to practice and improve your PSI abilities. Keeping a small notebook with your results will enable you to monitor your progress.

B.)The second way is doing a more formal "remote viewing (RV)." Developed and used by scientists to enable them to easily monitor and track "psi" results. (Many different protocols have been developed for accessing the RV info, this site works with a more unstructured type of accessing info. there are many other excellent websites that teach other protocols.) RV works with a specified "target." The target can be a person, place or even a thing. Once the target has been identified, usually by a number, it has been found that anyone in the world can now RV that specific target. The remote viewer then trys through meditation or dreams to get information about that specific target. Sometimes the information comes in images and colors, other times it could be feelings or sounds, many times it is the combination of many things. The more experienced the remote viewer is, the clearer and more precise the information can be.

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doing a remote viewing experiment:

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1. Sit down with a pencil/pen and paper and get into a meditative state. This part is different for everyone - some people need absolute quiet while others like to have the stereo blaring.

(Personally, I have found that saying a specific prayer while doing a specific breathing exercise immediately puts me into the state I need for clear information.) Creating and doing a small ritual (i.e. prayer, mantra, or breathing exercise) which is always done before a RV session, will over time make it much easier for you to get into the meditative state faster and more easily.

4. Now ask "What is Target XXXXXX?" What are the colors? What feelings does it invoke? What are the sounds? What is the movement? etc...

5. As you get impressions, write them down. Indicate shapes, colors, sounds, movement, even words that might be associated with them. Sometimes the image makes no sense whatsoever but write it down anyway. DON'T interpret the information until after you have finished getting all your impressions. Many times the mind will see something and try to label it with something that is more familiar (for example I once got an image of what my mind interpreted as a jam cookie and which actually was an above view of a geyser.)

Another strong and powerful way of getting information is to "Dream" it. When you go to sleep keep a pad of paper and pencil by the side of the bed. Before you go to sleep ask to be shown in a dream what "Target XXXXXX" is. Then the first thing you do when you wake up is to write what you remember.

Try different ways until you find the one that works the best for you.

6. Revisit the site on the deadline date to see how close you came. Most of the time you won't get the exact image but see how close the shapes or movement that you picked up relates to the image. You'll be surprised at the information that you get!

to participate Please send us a copy of your results via email before the deadline date (if possible scan and attach your drawings.) We shall be posting some of the results for each experiment on the site unless you indicate that you don't want the results posted. (Due to space availability not all will be able to be posted)

If you wish include your age, whether you are male or female and town name/state/country. You do not need to incude your name. Any information you send will be totally confidential and used only to categorize/track the results.

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